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The Provoke building blocks

Whether the challenge is connecting a workforce, speeding up decision-making or improving workforce efficiency, our solutions patterns tackle business issues. Put simply, we're in the business of helping our customers save or make money...

What's in our kitbag?

Our kitbag is made up of eight solutions patterns that we bring to bear on the challenges we're set by our customers. They have been carefully selected, honed over 12 years and we are specialists in every one.

Whether deployed either as stand-alone or as a component of a total enterprise platform, it is via these solutions patterns that Provoke are able to deliver tangible, measurable results for our customers.

Why Microsoft technology?

For the last 12 years Provoke have lived and breathed Microsoft technology. We have proven ourselves as pioneers in our field. We love it, we know it like no-one else and we've got the badges to prove it.

Thanks to this long-standing specialization, our team boasts some of the world’s foremost experts in key Microsoft technologies. This expertise has gained us respect amongst peers as industry leaders.

Who do we partner with?

As specialists in our chosen technologies, rather than re-invent the wheel, we've carefully selected a stable of partners whose products and services naturally augment the solutions we deliver to our customers.

We've chosen these partners because, like us, they are the specialists in their fields. They are like-minded, they offer best-of-breed, and they share our passion for innovation. We're pleased to have them on board.