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The Provoke Exec team comprises 4 very unique individuals

With their powers combined, the Provoke Executive team bring over 40 years of ICT experience, knowledge and pun-mastery to the Zoo. Our fearless leadership team live and breathe the Provoke philosophy and together have opened new enclosures, recruited over 250+ amazing animals, fished for new customers and had a whale of a time along the way. Find out what makes them tick, and which of them wears a cardigan...


The Lion - 'King of the Jungle'

With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Mason is responsible for driving strategy at Provoke. Bringing a wealth of sales and marketing expertise to the exec team, Mason's passion for culture helps to ensure the Provoke environment fosters a high degree of trust, delivery excellence and customer service.

Affectionately known as Mase, he works closely with the Group General Management team to align strategic priorities for each business in accordance with Provoke’s ‘5 on 3’ vision. Mason is a proud father of 3 children, lives on the coast in Plimmerton, New Zealand with his wife and 2 schnauzers. When he’s not wrangling animals at the Provoke Zoo you’ll most likely find him watching rugby or attempting to play golf.


The Elephant - 'Stores Memories in his Trunk'

Demonstrating a unique blend of deep technical knowledge and commercial acumen, Brendon is responsible for the operational performance of the five Provoke subsidiaries. In a previous life Brendon held the CTO portfolio, so in his spare time, he helps to ensure Provoke remains at the forefront of Microsoft innovation.

Brendon has a strong belief that Provoke should live and breathe what they deliver to customers. As such, he's super focused on selecting and driving the technology that Provoke delivers to the market. Originally from Stewart Island, Brendon now lives in Auckland with his wife. Sporting a rather large firearms collection, you’re most likely to spot Brendon sailing on Auckland harbor or hitting the mark at his local gun range.


The Kea - 'The Cheeky One'

As an economist from the Dark Ages, John’s responsibilities at Provoke are infinitely more than that of a traditional CFO. He brings a cool head to the executive team, providing sound financial governance, advice and direction. In a previous life, John was responsible for emerging channels at a large retail bank and has an extensive amount of experience with developing new and upcoming markets.

Based on his background, John has been the driving force behind Provoke’s entry into the South East Asian region. Born in England, raised in Kenya and now living in Wellington, New Zealand, John is a family-man, with 3 girls at home. Due to an overzealous passion for technology, JR appears to bleed silicon when he cuts himself shaving and is widely respected in fashion circles for wearing cardigans.


The Snow Leopard- 'Quick and Nimble'

Starting off his career in the nineties with a degree in computer science, Doug has always been a geek at heart. He's managed many successful teams with natural leadership and knows what it takes to operate a services business. As Provoke's CIO, he brings balance with a brain capacity the equivalent to the energy produced by the Hadron Collider, coupled with pragmatic decision-making.

Doug is the mastermind behind Provoke's internal systems, constantly tweaking the platform that captures, processes and disseminates every bit of data we rely on for strategic decision making. While not openly admitting he’s half Australian, Doug now resides in Wellington, New Zealand. If he had his way, Doug would spend a great deal of his spare time watching re-runs of the space shuttle launches on the internet.