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At Provoke we are fortunate to have some of the world's leading experts in Microsoft technology. Whether you want to know the latest in SharePoint and Office 365, understand the changing world of Unified Communications, or gain insight into the Cloud and Windows Azure, this is where to get it. Our News is the place to find the latest events, blogs and articles from the clever monkeys at Provoke and our partners.

Get Listening: The Microsoft Cloud Show
Dec 01, 2013

Get Listening: The Microsoft Cloud Show

microsoft-cloud-show-podcast.jpgWe've mentioned that our Provoke Seattle General Manager, Chris Johnson, is somewhat of a Microsoft expert, and now you can hear it for yourself.

Chris and his equally expert cohort Andrew Connell (MVP for Microsoft Content Management Server & Microsoft SharePoint Server) have launched their very own podcast series with their unique take on Microsoft's cloud technologies. The Microsoft Cloud Show is designed to offer insights to those who are both new to the cloud and those who think about the cloud in their sleep.

So, if you'd like to keep up-to-date about the latest news, developments and information on everything Azure and Office 365, delivered with expert commentary, the odd joke and in an easily digestible format, then we'd suggest you head on over to iTunes and download it.


The episode summary so far is as follows:

Episode 009 - Managing Azure Virtual Machines & Listener Questions

Episode 008 - Latest News in Azure, Office 365 & Amazon

Episode 007 - Pros & Cons of Office 365

Episode 006 - SharePoint After Dark - Live from SharePoint Intersections

Episode 005 - SharePoint Deployment Options - OnPremises vs. Hosted

Episode 004 - AC and CJ Discuss SharePoint Conferences

Episode 003 - Introducing the Show Hosts - (Part 2) Chris Johnson

Episode 002 - Introducing the Show Hosts - (Part 1) Andrew Connell

Episode 001 - Introducing the Show