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Sep 23, 2013

How to Ensure Compliance and Information Security

It seems almost every day the news contains a story about an organization that has suffered the effects of privacy breaches or the loss of critical business information. Prevention of these damaging occurrences has become a topic of priority in boardrooms across both the public and private sector.

So Provoke, in conjunction with KPMG, AvePoint and Microsoft will be running a seminar to explore key topics and demonstrate simple steps your organization can take today to lower your risk profile and set the course for better compliance management through the use of both process and technology.


You're welcome to join us:

KPMG | Level 9, 10 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

Wednesday October 30th | 4 PM – 6PM

Simply secure your complimentary ticket here:  


Our panel for this session will be:

Claire Linskill – Director - KPMG
Claire has a strong background in internal auditing, risk management and information systems governance.  She will discuss information security trends both globally and at a national level.  She will review the impact of these trends for New Zealand businesses and highlight some of the common pitfalls to avoid.

Paul Quirk – Solution Specialist – Microsoft
Paul specializes in productivity solutions and will take you through the native features in your core Microsoft systems which are available to assist you and to keep your information secure. For example tools within Microsoft Exchange that address information security and how they can form the foundation of your compliance solution.

Bacchus Van Loo - Compliance Solutions Specialist – AvePoint
Bacchus specializes in information security management for large government departments and private corporates. He will discuss how to extend Microsoft technology such as the SharePoint platform with solutions which inform, detect and prevent exposure across the enterprise, track the content lifecycle and enable staff to easily comply with regulations as well as internal policies.


This will be an informative and expert session with a focus on practical tools for actioning your compliance strategy.