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At Provoke we are fortunate to have some of the world's leading experts in Microsoft technology. Whether you want to know the latest in SharePoint and Office 365, understand the changing world of Unified Communications, or gain insight into the Cloud and Windows Azure, this is where to get it. Our News is the place to find the latest events, blogs and articles from the clever monkeys at Provoke and our partners.

Provoke at TechEd
Sep 23, 2013

Provoke Presentations at TechEd

The Provoke Animals dominated at TechEd New Zealand this year with three of our talented team giving presentations. You can listen to their insights and watch their slide decks below.

A big congrats also to Nick Westbrook whose evaluation scores saw him ranked 17th out of 128 speakers and his session ranked 31st out of 163. An awesome achievement and a testament to his Azure expertise.


Nicholas Westbrook – Infrastructure Consultant - Windows Azure in the Enterprise

In his presentation Nick explores how to make Windows Azure your datacentre. From compute and storage on demand to messaging and identity services, this presentation shows you how you can power your enterprise today with Windows Azure. With Nick's expert insight, get a glimpse of the platform and discover some easy scenarios to get started with Windows Azure in the enterprise. View it here.


Jacques Botha – Development Team Manager - That's so 2013! - An overview of Web Content Management In SharePoint 2013

In his presentation Jacques will take you through the new features in SharePoint 2013 web content management! This presentation provides a good overview of new functionality including SEO, meta-data driven navigation, catalogues, cross-site publishing, branding and device support. Plus a few fairly decent jokes. View it here.



Christopher Pritchard – Solutions Architect – Business Proof-of-Concepts using Windows 8

In this presentation Chris covers why you should consider native proof-of-concept apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Chris discusses how XAML based apps are quick to develop because C# is a general purpose language and highly evolved. He also shares his thoughts on how the Microsoft app store has a clean and swift submission process, with a lot of features that are specifically targeted at enterprise and beta consumers. View it here.