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Introducing ShareIt
Jun 27, 2013

SharePoint Online and Yammer Integration Just Got Real…

New app shipped to the Office Store. Boom.

ShareIt, the brain child of Provoke Seattle GM and SharePoint legend Chris Johnson brings together SharePoint Online and Yammer to deliver on some of the promise of a powerful SharePoint-Yammer combination.

The app uses a simple one-click ‘Post to Yammer’ function in the SharePoint ribbon to post documents directly to Yammer where it can be liked and commented on by colleagues. The app carefully considers version control, so while relevant social activity happens in Yammer, the document involved stays conveniently in SharePoint Online.

The bridge that ShareIt delivers between the two platforms bears some real significance on discussions of disparate social stories. There has been considerable noise around how the native social features in SharePoint don’t currently interact with Yammer, so we hope that ShareIt's use of the SharePoint App model and Yammer’s APIs opens the playing field for better social integration.


The app is now available for free download in the Office Store

Head to Chris Johnson’s blog, to read more about ShareIt and its development.