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At Provoke we are fortunate to have some of the world's leading experts in Microsoft technology. Whether you want to know the latest in SharePoint and Office 365, understand the changing world of Unified Communications, or gain insight into the Cloud and Windows Azure, this is where to get it. Our News is the place to find the latest events, blogs and articles from the clever monkeys at Provoke and our partners.

AvePoint Series
Nov 18, 2013

The Journey to Collaboration with AvePoint and Provoke

ave-point.jpgFor some years, Provoke have recognized the growing need for increased rigor and improved governance, particularly in the space of enterprise collaboration and document management. With more and more organizations choosing SharePoint as the platform to collaborate and store information, and as the size and complexity of these SharePoint implementations increases, the requirement to ensure that an organization can remain compliant easily and with little impact on the end user becomes paramount. This series of posts highlights our partnership with AvePoint and their suite of tools designed to help organizations achieve this.

Provoke and AvePoint are working extensively with organizations throughout New Zealand to help customers build high-performance on-premises intranet, extranet, and public websites while increasing business productivity, reducing total cost of ownership, and enabling security and compliance for business content. Current projects include New Zealand Customs and Gen-i.

Throughout New Zealand, technological trends including enterprise social, Cloud, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and Big Data access continue to grow and have a major impact on the way businesses operate. On one hand, these technologies allow workers to break down geographical boundaries, work better together, and share information easier than ever before. However, many organizations find themselves challenged when managing rapidly growing systems as well as ensuring that they are in compliance with both internal and external regulations. This is where AvePoint needs to be engaged.

Provoke's AvePoint solutions help our customers realize their cloud computing strategies by giving them the tools to ensure they remain compliant to organizational and industry regulations.

  • DocAve Online is AvePoint's software-as-a-service platform for organizations utilizing Microsoft Office 365, offering powerful administration, content management, and data protection capabilities so organizations can maintain complete control over their cloud assets. 

Another area that Provoke is finding to be gathering interest within the enterprise collaboration space is data loss prevention.

  • AvePoint Compliance Guardian is designed to ensure that information is available and accessible to the people who should have it and protected from the people who should not. Compliance Guardian helps organizations proactively protect IT environments – including file systems, SharePoint, and web-based systems – from harmful information leaks, contamination, or misuse while simultaneously ensuring that all activities and information residing in their environments are compliant, accessible, and manageable.  

Whether an organization is looking to embrace the next generation of social collaboration technologies or maximize the investment in existing technology, Provoke's experts in the AvePoint product suite can ensure they are provided with the support, solutions, and expertise to make that journey with confidence.