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At Provoke we are fortunate to have some of the world's leading experts in Microsoft technology. Whether you want to know the latest in SharePoint and Office 365, understand the changing world of Unified Communications, or gain insight into the Cloud and Windows Azure, this is where to get it. Our News is the place to find the latest events, blogs and articles from the clever monkeys at Provoke and our partners.

What Makes Provoke Special
Feb 26, 2014

90% of our animals believe their work helps make Provoke the success it is today

​Since 2007 Provoke have run the Kenexa survey to measure staff engagement, we took a break in 2008 and 2009. Kenexa is important because it helps us gauge what’s working and what isn’t for our people, and at Provoke our people are what matter the most. We benchmark against previous years to track progress/improvement and use the results to inform HR strategy and priority staff initiatives. This series of posts will highlight our top 10 results from last year. Counting down from 10 here’s our first one:


#10 I know how my work contributes to the success of this organization.


Knowing what you do contributes to the success of your organization makes a huge difference for many reasons. It builds pride, buy-in and quality outcomes. Not only that, but it means your people aren’t just plugging away endlessly without seeing outcomes.  This industry we work in is bustling with talented and creative people, so we know this speaks volumes. 90% is a pretty great achievement we think. Just have a look at how we compare to the industry standard!


‘It’s a bit irreverent, it’s fun, very pragmatic and we’re like a family. 
Everyone is motivated to achieve the best outcomes and to do things to the best of their abilities.’