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It's our fusion of design and technology that makes it work

What makes us unique is our ability to blend the latest Microsoft technology with the disciplines of good UX design to ensure our customers aren’t just investing in software, they’re investing in improving their businesses. This is a claim that's easy to make, but challenging to prove. We are always working to improve our approach, but we think a 12 year record of delivering real customer results suggests we're on the right track...


Why we think Provoke is different...


There are a few things that set Provoke apart from other, more traditional software design companies. While we have been pioneering concepts like; Persona Analysis, Paper Prototyping, Usability Testing, Information Architecture and Interaction Design since 2001, these are now considered commonplace in the software industry.

It’s more about our ability to recognize that technology alone rarely fulfils the needs and objectives of our customers. It's the combination of our user-centered design methodologies and pragmatic technology decisions that really makes the difference.

It's our techniques that help keep the priorities of the user at the fore and deliver on the stated and unstated needs. When we combine this with our deep knowledge of technology we are able to apply it to deliver meaningful, measurable business results. In this, Provoke has developed an approach that ensures our solutions unlock long-term customer value and achieve ROI - our fusion of design & technology.


Recognized for our design-led ethos...

Good design transcends everything we do. From visual design through to interaction and database design, every decision is considered within context of customer priorities. Our focus on the users' goals helps to ensure the software we deliver is designed to streamline everyday interactions and maximize the return on investment. 
Our design-led approach ensures we have a detailed understanding of both the business requirements and the user needs well before we start applying technologies to a customer's problem. We gain this through a well-honed process of strategic planning and analysis, coupled with our collection of user-centered design tools. 

Renowned for technology innovation...

​Provoke are exclusive to the Microsoft platform and are acknowledged as pioneers of Microsoft technologies. We invest significantly in newly emerging technologies, taking time to truly understand the future of software design. This reputation has been recognized and applauded by Microsoft in numerous markets around the globe. 
We are aware of where our expertise lies, which is why we only specialize in a subset of Microsoft technologies. In our kitbag is a carefully selected collection of solution patterns that are designed to solve universal business problems. When we need to deliver value beyond these, we turn to our stable of best-of-breed partners.