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The Child Cancer Foundation

Sarah Thomson, CEO, The Child Cancer Foundation

“As a not-for-profit organization we rely completely for our funding from members of the public and our sponsors.  Having a clean and simple website that allows our donors to find out about our work, and to easily donate to us, was paramount and the main driver for the project.  The site has opened up a new revenue stream for us, and we now have the ability to generate online sales, and to keep all of our members up to date on our activities.”

CCF Public Website



The existing Child Cancer Foundation website had not been built on a content management platform and consequently required hard-coded changes to update. Not only did this serve as a roadblock for keeping the site up to date, it was also a costly expense for CCF. The information architecture of the site had also dated.

The new public facing site needed to have a fresh and professional look, provide rich content management and strong calls to action around donations and an ability to capture donor data. Also, a specific requirement for the project was for the development of an online shop for fundraising purposes.


The site content was re-structured to allow an effortless navigation system that enabled a user to quickly locate the required information, with a simple call-to-action around how the user could help CCF. The information architecture was designed in tandem with new visuals to optimize the new navigation process.

To support the selling of merchandise, as well as donations and recurring payments, a secure and reliable payment system was incorporated into the design. The site was also fitted with a mechanism to track and maintain orders and capture donor information that CCF could then use for targeting future campaigns.


  • Kentico CMS
  • ASP .NET
  • Virtual Studio 2008
  • SQL 2008