Provoke was established 18 years ago in Wellington, New Zealand.

The dream was simple - create a company that places as much emphasis on user experience as it does on technical brilliance to drive value for our customers.

Provoke is now a company of over 100 employees situated across three offices in Auckland, Wellington and Seattle while keeping true to the original mission.

The Provoke Team

Our people are the heart and soul of our business.

We look after each other and foster a culture of authenticity and trust while we enjoy a laugh together.

Mason Pratt

Chief Executive Officer

Debby Murphy

Head of Delivery & Operations

Mark Thompson

Head of Delivery & Operations

Brendon Ford

Chief Operating Officer

John Robson

Head of Finance & Risk

Doug Taylor

Head of Technology & Data

Jacques Botha

Shanti Spendiff

Tim McGovern

Michal Hempel

Jemma Stark

Amjid Qureshi

Alla Boglaeva

Leanne Edmonds

Kenneth Haynes

Simon Low

Sam Fowler

Marcel Medina

Rudolf Earle

Bernard O'Leary

Mayra Martho

Chris Higham

Buddy Davies

Daniel Monastra

Heidi Baker

Sez Flynn