Case Study


Connecting students with a singular portal - anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

The Challenge

Unitec is New Zealand's largest Institute of Technology, operating in Auckland and educating over 20,000 students. They felt their existing systems were not compatible with their intent to leverage technology to offer class-leading experience and the best possible learning environment. To keep their edge, Unitec wanted to redesign their technology so their students would feel more connected to the Institute, their teachers, and their peers.

The Approach

Provoke understood these challenges and proposed to create a student portal which would bring common systems together and deliver a holistic view of their student environment. It would also consolidate a clearer application process across different courses and allow the facilitation of course payments and form submission through links to the student portal.

The Outcome

The portal built for Unitec allows students to experience a streamlined classroom experience from on or off campus. Taking Unitec’s legacy system into consideration, the solution was designed to use an API which ties the on-premises content, external content, Office 365 and cloud Apps into one source and that is all available through Azure.

Unitec’s vision is to create a portal that provides students with a gateway to success that is an intuitive, personalised and fun experience with timely communications, access to learning resources and students services that optimises student decision making, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Provoke was able to present an approach for Unitec that set the vision for the portal leveraging our investments in Microsoft technologies such as Office365, SharePoint and Azure platform which enabled us to accelerate the development time to meet our target dates. Early on we decided that this would not be a big bang approach, but one that is iterative that encourages student feedback for future functionality requests. Following the response from the first release in time for our semester 1 students in 2016 has seen us prioritise and release improved messaging, self-service capabilities such as online payments and the ability for students to personalise their portal experience.

Owen Werner, Chief Digital Officer, Unitec


Provoke’s ability to deliver a solution that met Unitec’s objectives was heavily grounded in the Microsoft technologies and our knowledge of how to deploy them to the best possible effect. These included Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

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Case Study