AI and ML consulting that uncovers new business insights

We provide AI Services to ensure ML models stay current, data analytics remain insightful and businesses continue to perform despite rapid changes in their environment.

How We Can Help

We are specialists in using data analytics to enhance the modern worker experience. When legacy apps and outdated data models get in the way of agility and competitiveness, Provoke finds the simplest and most cost-effective way to drive change and enable managers to make data-driven decisions leveraging the power of AI and ML.

Some examples of the practices we use to gain insights are:

  • Predictive maintenance analysis for equipment or vehicles
  • Cloud-based data ingestion and validation systems
  • Data source migration
  • AI and ML services including redesigning data pipelines and insight into model training
  • Custom big data analytics dashboards

Turning data into insights

Through the application of AI technology, Provoke developed a state-of-the-art predictive maintenance solution for VTNZ that conceptually proved VTNZ customers could check a car model for common mechanical problems before purchasing or submitting it for a warrant inspection.