Application modernization services to make your IT infrastructure future-proof

We don’t try to sell you on services you don’t want or don’t need. We apply our depth of experience, knowledge and capabilities to focus only on those projects that prepare your company for the future.

How We Can Help

As a Gold Status Microsoft partner, we work with many clients who are making the move to an Azure cloud-based architecture and need an objective assessment of their enterprise applications. Our Azure migration plan takes a systematic approach to ensure assets are securely migrated with minimal downtime. We help clients with innovative custom software application development and legacy application modernization.

Application Modernization Matters.

Here are a few examples of services we’ve provided:

  • Consulting on best practice on implementing and adopting the Azure platform.
  • Platform governance planning.
  • Security, cost management and deployment planning.
  • Legacy application modernization using DevOps processes and automation.
  • Support and hosting, providing expertise and resources to help customers manage applications in Azure.
  • Migration services that reduce operating costs with minimal downtime.
  • App modernization services that revitalize enterprise applications to deliver a low-maintenance, user-friendly, future-proof system that automates updates and is supported with detailed documentation.

Leveraging Microsoft 365 to scale

Republic's main call center is its operations hub. It handles about 10,000 calls each month from its numerous, unattended properties. Customers call to report broken credit card readers and gates that don't open, or to ask for instructions on how to insert their card properly. If there is broken equipment, it must be fixed as quickly as possible, both to limit revenue loss and to demonstrate Republic's accountability and commitment to providing a positive customer experience. Republic needed a solution to help expedite servicing its equipment.

Understanding the relationship between employees, customers and technology

Provoke was engaged by The Co-operative Bank to produce current state service design blueprints that showed the customer journey across the different touchpoints with the bank. Through the use of service design methodologies, Provoke mapped out the customer motivations, goals and challenges associated with the joining, borrowing and help processes. All touchpoints between customers and The Co-operative Bank were explored from both staff and customer’s perspectives to understand how these interactions impacted on their experience.

Cost reduction by moving to the Cloud

Provoke worked with Partners Life to move their systems to the cloud and implemented Office 365. Thanks to the flexibility of Microsoft Azure, Partners Life has easily digitized and stored their paper-based documents. Digitizing paper processes has removed more than $260,000 worth of mail-processing costs per year and made policy documents completely searchable. This has also improved customer response time and overall satisfaction.