Powering people with modern workplace services

We are specialists in the modern workplace and employee experience management. At a time when employee retention is critical, and so closely tied to their daily experience, it’s essential to provide a world-class workplace collaboration platform.

How We Can Help

Every company wants to connect their employees in ways that fit with their internal structure and business model. If connectedness and collaboration aren’t pushing bottom-line metrics forward, Provoke provides employee experience services that do just that.

Some examples of what we’ve done for previous clients include:

  • Driving operational efficiencies with Microsoft 365, including leveraging SharePoint Online to provide a one-stop site for operations managers.
  • Performing a usability review on applications, finding call-center insights through user observational testing.
  • Migrating to Azure while digitizing and storing paper-based documents, freeing up valuable IT resources for a planned expansion.

A digital transformation strategy

Trustpower adopted an all-cloud strategy five years ago to rearchitect the organization’s IT engine, reduce risk and tech debt and achieve optimal integration on a future-proofed, best-practice cloud platform. Integral to this digital transformation strategy were their Enterprise Applications. These were up for review, assessment and modernization leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. content

Provoke partners with Microsoft to help customers move to Azure

Over the last year Provoke has worked hand in hand with Microsoft technical experts to reimagine our approach to cloud digital transformations. We have combined our many years of expertise with Microsoft best practices

Strategic partnership to drive self-sufficiency

Until recently, OneHealthPort’s platform was on-premises, hosted and maintained externally by a third-party provider. With the limitations of this technology, OneHealthPort was struggling to evolve their platform with the speed and agility they knew their users needed. One of the benefits of being a small company was an agile and proactive mindset – but despite the desire to change, they often found more roadblocks than opportunities.